Do you want to start your own business but have trouble putting your vision into action? Have you spent hours upon hours researching online or reading books to learn how to get started?

Are you like so many others struggling to keep your business afloat or profitable in the current economic climate? With only around 25% of businesses making it past 15 years your chances of going it alone without expert advice are slim.

A lot of work and research goes into being a successful entrepreneur but never fear with the right help, your business can thrive.

This is where I come in, my name is Connie Fuller and I am a Business and Finance coach with over 30 years of experience in the field of business administration and finance. I have also run a very successful Tax preparation and Consulting Service for the past 16 years.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and throughout my career, have been exposed to a diverse range of business organizations and branches of finance. I have held Managerial positions in Overpayment and refunds analysis.

Three years ago, I decided to use my extensive knowledge and wealth of experience to help others. So, I set up my own Business and Finance Coaching service. Since then, I have helped clients of all kinds with diverse backgrounds and different needs start their own businesses or expand existing ones.

The number of new businesses is increasing rapidly each year making it more and more competitive and hard to succeed. Be wise, hire a business and finance coach to ensure you don’t end up losing revenue.

As your business coach, I will mentor and train you throughout your journey to help you achieve your goals. The main problem many entrepreneurs face is not being able to come up with a solid business plan. You may have a clear vision of what you want to achieve but not how to achieve it. I will help you devise a business plan tailored to your needs and the industry you are in.

Having realistic visions and goals will benefit every aspect of your life not just your work. Together, we can devise a blueprint to help you achieve your business or finance targets. I have helped many businesses and individuals thrive by devising personalized plans tailored to their specific business and financial needs.

As your financial coach, I can help you reach your desired financial goals by teaching you how to manage your money in an effective way. This can be very beneficial in saving or paying off your debts.

The first and most important thing is to pinpoint financial problems and find practical and efficient solutions.  I will help you set a realistic budget and a financial plan to ensure you follow through with it. By doing this you will learn to have good money habits that will change your life substantially. I have helped countless people out of their financial struggles by creating a simple strategy that is easy to follow.

My mission is to help those of you who want to start a business or improve existing ones. I want to share my vast experience in Business and Finance to help you achieve your dreams.  I have always loved helping people achieve their aims. The first thing you must do is believe in yourself. Together, we can make your vision a reality.